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Weight Control

Most overweight people are not lazy or disorganised. But they almost always fail to adopt the principles of self-acceptance that can lead to successful self-control and weight-control.

The articles that I've presented here for you will show you how to stop sabotaging your weight-control goals.

Willpower Killers
Willpower is something that comes naturally to all of us, but as we grow up we acquire attitudes and beliefs that sabotage our willpower. More

Weight Control and Self-Esteem
There are a number of reasons why it is wrong to put yourself down if you are overweight. More.

You Are Not Fat!
Many people, maybe even you, believe they are fat. This is a very common misconception. There is nobody in the world who is fat. I realise that this might sound strange when you look around and see obesity in a significant portion of the population, but I repeat my main contention: there is nobody in the world who is fat. I will add that there is nobody in the world who is obese either. More.

Natural Weight Versus Ideal Weight
What colour is your hair? You might be blonde, brunette, or a redhead. No matter what colour your hair is, you can change the colour by dyeing it. But the change you make will only be temporary. Unless you dye it again, your hair will revert to its natural colour. The colour of your hair is determined by your genes. More.

Long-term Weight Management and Self-Acceptance: An Ideal Union!
Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You're sitting around the house, feeling bored. You feel like doing something; you think of phoning someone, but there's no one available. So you walk around your place and, sooner or later, mindlessly amble into the kitchen where a treasure chest of food awaits your arrival. More. (Off Site)

Weight Control in the News
Weight control is often in the news. Here are some of the more recent stories. More. (Off Site)

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