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Self Esteem

Many people suffer from low self-esteem. They find it difficult to believe in themselves - to believe that they deserve respect and consideration.

You can learn to respect and value yourself as you are - warts and all. And you can do it without relying on the opinion of others.

By the time you finish reading this article you will have the only tool you need to permanently free yourself from low self-esteem. You'll learn the real cause of low self-esteem and how to rid yourself of it. The technique that you will learn is simple and easy to use but, like riding a bicycle, it does require practice until you get the knack of it. Let's start by taking a look at the cause of low self-esteem. More

The Trouble With Self Esteem
A multitude of therapists and gurus are quick to identify low self-esteem as the root cause of emotional disturbance, addiction, poor relationships, failure to learn in school, child abuse, and a host of other ills. Yet the evidence points in the other direction. More. (Off Site)

Showing People They Are Not Worthless Individuals
Perhaps the most common self-defeating belief of disturbed people is their conviction that they are worthless, inadequate individuals who essentially are undeserving of self-respect and happiness. This negative self-evaluation can be tackled in various ways. More. (Off Site)

Overcoming "Self-Esteem"
It seems that the average person today is as confused as ever (perhaps more so!) about his or her so-called "self-worth." More. (Off Site)

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