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Stress is a normal and necessary part of being alive. Manageable levels of stress get you going. Only when you suffer too much stress for too long does it begin to cause problems.

The articles that I have selected for you here will help you to bring your stress under control.

Nagging Thoughts
From time to time we are all bothered by thoughts whirring round and round in our head. Typically, this occurs when you are facing a daunting problem. It's as though the thought is stuck there, refusing to let you think of anything else. Frequently, these thoughts are at their most persistent when you are trying to sleep. More.

Overcoming Test Anxiety With REBT
Tests play an important role in our society. They help determine whether or not you will get a driver's license, a job placement or promotion, entrance to college or university, etc. The consequences of tests are so important, that it's in your interests to do your best on them. But it's almost impossible to perform at your peak if you suffer from test anxiety. More.

Managing Stress in the Workplace
There is a type of stress which, although it can occur in any situation, has been mainly documented in relation to the workplace. Called burnout, it is the result of continued and unrelieved stress over a long period. More. (Off Site)

A Personal Twelve-Point Plan for Stress Control
The title says it all. More. (Off Site)

Stress Management in the News
Stress management has been in the news a lot recently. More. (Off Site)

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