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An essential part of personal development is the adoption of a healthy value system. Without a mature set of values it is almost impossible to get on in life, to have a sense of direction or to get on with others.

The articles that I've presented here will provide you with food for thought as you define and refine your own values.

Ethical Hedonism
Ethical hedonism involves working towards an improved quality of life for all people, not just in our own community or even our own lifetime, but for all people everywhere of this, and future generations. More.

The Escalator of Reason
You can help improve the world before it is too late. The commitment to a more ethical way of living will often be the first step of a gradual but far-reaching evolution in your lifestyle and in your thinking about your place in the world. One thing is certain: you will find plenty of worthwhile things to do. You will not be bored or lack fulfillment in your life. Most important of all, you will know that you have not lived and died for nothing, because you will have become part of the great tradition of those who have responded to the amount of pain and suffering in the universe by trying to make the world a better place. More (Off Site)

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