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Assertiveness, as opposed to submission, manipulation or aggression, leads to more satisfying and successful relationships and enriches your life.

The Art of Successful Communication
Unless you live alone on a desert island, you will, from time to time, inevitably run into conflict with others. When you find yourself involved in a conflict your best strategy is to focus on remaining calm, courageous and compassionate. Keeping calm will allow you to stay in control of the situation rather than having the situation control you. Without the courage to put your point across you will often find yourself being trampled on and not having your wishes met. And finally, by showing compassion to the other person, you will gain their respect and will be more likely to have them cooperate with you without the dispute escalating. The three skills described in this article will help you to remain calm, courageous and compassionate. More.

How to be Sexually Assertive
The physical and emotional frustration endured by millions of women during and after their sexual encounters -- and the fact that they are not even sure what they are frustrated about -- indicate that women might be wiser to stop looking to men and the sex experts for the answers and begin to take charge and to define for themselves their own sexual potential and behavior. More (Off Site)

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