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The Meaning Of Life

The human condition can be a amazing experience; what does it all mean? Can we find an answer to this question, and if so, how?

The articles that I've presented for you here will help you to find some of these answers for yourself.

My Beliefs
Over the last few weeks, I've been giving some thought to what I believe and how to explain it to people who come from a different set of beliefs. What follows is a brief introduction to my beliefs. More

Finding Meaning In Your Life
Life is meaningless! To many people, this may sound like a bleak outlook, but in reality it is liberating. If life has no intrinsic purpose or meaning, no end goal, then we are free to create our own purpose, our own destiny. You don't have to spend your life trying to please some imaginary God, in the hope of pleasing him enough that he will look after you when this life is over. Without the hidden agenda of an all-powerful creator and administrator, you are free to choose your own lifestyle and your own goals. More.

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